Drones & Quadrotors

Want to get in on one of the fastest growing hobbies in the United States? Get yourself a Drone! We have them starting from $19.99 all the way to $1500 monsters that record in amazing 4k resolution!

Ethos PQ Micro Quad

For newbies, we have indoor quads like the Ethos PQ, at $19.99 and the Ethos QX130 (one of our most durable by far(!!) at $99.99! The Ethos PQ is indoor only and won't survive outside too well. The Ethos QX130 can be flown outside once you get a few hours of practice with it and can control your orientations. Otherwise, the wind WILL win against you as a newbie...

The Ethos QX130

The Ethos QX130
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